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Program Growth Opportunities

Goal Achievers Program:

The Academy of Goal Achievers intensive mentoring group includes guidance around post-secondary options, relationship building, community inclusion, leadership development and mentoring. The intensive mentoring groups require a minimum of 6 months -1 year commitment depending on the community base  group. All intensive Mentoring groups will require an interview and application process along with attendance requirements. The Academy of Goal Achievers core group and service will be a 4 year commitment (Goal Achievers).

Career Exploration activities are directed by our Career Placement Coordinator. They establish community partnerships with communities and individuals to  provide Job Shadowing, Internships, employment opportunities for current Goal Achievers and the community.

We provide educational mentoring, by completing college tours, individual sessions on different post-secondary options, and SAT and ACT prep courses. Students have access to an open study hall that provides onsite tutoring.

We provide parents with the opportunity to learn how to support their student through their high school transition. We hold sessions around the college process, how to financially prepare for your student future, how to build self-esteem within the home and steps to complete for the college process.

Program Growth Opportunities

Community Outreach Program:

Youth Leadership Events are growth opportunities that will continue to educate young adults on how to be a youth leader in their communities through youth summits, trainings, conferences and monthly leadership development series sessions.

Community L.E.A.D. mentoring events are facilitated by our L.E.A.D. community facilitators. These mentoring sessions allows us to provide a safe safe for students and young adults to create L.E.A.D. goals to increase self awareness and learn the importance of giving back to their communities. We partner with other community agencies, churches and schools in providing this growth opportunities

The Academy of Goal Achievers, provide ongoing support for Alumni Students post graduation of high school.Services we provide below consist of:

  1. Follow up
  2. Scholarship Leads
  3. Guidance and Counseling on post secondary options
  4. Mentoring
  5. Job placement and intership assistance